Here are ten actions that ANYONE can do to help create peace in ALL communities: 10. Use social media as a beginning, not an end. My timeline on Facebook is turning black as a show of solidarity for Trayvon. However, when the verdict comes, our solidarity will slowly turn back to our old profile pics. Use […]

  While in London last week, I stopped into the local bookstore, a phenomenon that is becoming quite harder to find and access in the States. When I entered the store, the top ten best selling books in London were profiled on a bookcase. As I took in Zadie Smith and other non-American titles, I […]

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What happens when if you search “ratchet woman” using Google image search?

During her second day of cross examination, Rachel Jeantel, the 19 year old friend of Trayvon Martin, had had enough. She could articulate in a very clear way that she was tired of being asked the same questions in a different order, that she was frustrated with how her Creole language and background had been […]

“When does the exposure of pain become the exploitation of pain?” We think these 10 folk have crossed the line and can use some CBFT healing 1. Wendy Williams 2. Kenya Moore 3. The Entire Cast of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta and NYC, The RHO Franchise, and Basketball Wives 4. The mother who was tased […]